Bus terminals witnessing huge crowd

Staff Reporter

Bus terminals in twin cities were witnessing huge crowd of homeward-bound passengers, as mostly migrant workers and residents headed towards their hometowns to celebrate Eid-ul-Fiter with their families.

With the closure of bus terminals due to Covid-19 lockdown from next week, a large number of citizen were seen crowding on various city bus terminals including Faizabad, Pirwadhai, Soan and Peshawar Morr and Karachi Company.

Every year on any special occasions, whether its Eid-ul-Fitr or Eid-ul Azha, transporters never miss a chance to fleece the passengers,” said a worker who was heading to Lahore.

The exchange of harsh words between travelers and transport owners while booking tickets were witnessed at almost every bus stand for overcharging, said a resident while talking to a Private news channel.

A passenger going to Karachi commented that the transporter staff of Faizabad bus terminal had denied for seat and after argue he asked me to pay double.

Another passenger from Rawalpindi to Lahore the bus service was giving priority to those with references or those paying double otherwise they denied to provide a comfortable seats for families.

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