BRI & CPEC will continue to prosper despite Indian Chronicles | By S. M. Hali


BRI & CPEC will continue to prosper despite Indian Chronicles

 THE exposé by the European Union’s DisinfoLab in its 90-page report has shocked the world because it unearths the machinations of an international network funded by organizations with Indian leanings.

The detailed disclosures labelled Indian Chronicles comprise 265 fake media outlets, multiple dubious think tanks and NGOs, financed by Indian or pro-Indian entities surreptitiously working to destabilize Pakistan while simultaneously besmirching Islamabad’s image internationally.

The clandestine operation was cloaked slyly using defunct media, think tanks, NGOs and using the identities of deceased writers and academics to lend an aura of authority to the bogus stories but being quoted by mainstream media to add authenticity to the intrigues being hatched to denigrate Pakistan.

While it is startling that it took so long to uncover the heinous plot and can be considered a failure of the concerned departments, India’s use of odious means to obtain the desired effects, stem from centuries old teachings.

Indian history illustrates that ancient Indians had gained great expertise in this secret art. The techniques and operational methods adopted by them were highly advanced, and can be usefully emulated today.

From the spasas of Varuna, the fore-runners of the modern globe-trotting spies (the etymological affinity of the two terms is noticeable) to Chanakya’s final manifestation of this art in the Arthashastra which is in fact a systematic codification of a wide variety of scattered information copiously found in the Epics, – the Mahabharata and the Ramayana – the Puränas and literary works of Bhasa, Kalidäsa, Magha and Bana; and the Tamil Sangam literature, transcends unprecedented heights in this discipline.

The vision of the Arthashastra is truly breathtaking, its practical utility timeless and the clarity of its exposition unique.

The techniques of manipulating public opinion and creating disinformation, propounded by Chanakya, anticipated modern intelligence systems by several centuries.

No wonder then that the nearly 2500 years old lessons in deceit, guile, hypocrisy, machination, and gore taught by that Master strategist, Chanakya alias Kautilya (literally meaning ‘crooked’) was adopted in toto by India and its chief intelligence agency, the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW).

The most despicable aspect of The Indian Chronicles is that it attempts to drive a wedge between Pakistan and China through its plethora of fake news.

According to The Indian Chronicles investigation, the US and India have worked together to produce a lot of systematic disinformation against Pakistan and China.

In the future, such disinformation campaigns will pose a challenge to the China-Pakistan friendship and the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), a major project between the two countries.

Indian Chronicles have been targeting China’s mega project Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) as well as its flagship CPEC.

It is no coincidence that an Indian news network ANI and the network of fake local media outlets are working hand in glove to disseminate the venomous articles to denigrate Pakistan as well as China.

Take the case of the “Center for Environmental and Management Studies”, which is surreptitiously  presented as a “UK-based rights group” headed by Amjad Ayub Mirza, who is defined as an “activist from PoK” (Pakistan-occupied Kashmir).

Amjad Ayub Mirza presents himself as the Executive Director of the NGO and as a Consultant for the “Jammu Kashmir Peace and Development Institute.” He is also featured in many articles of the ANI News agency.

The core theme of the original NGO – environment – was hijacked by Indian Chronicles to undermine Pakistan. Here is a solid example: “Under CPEC our rivers are being diverted for hydropower projects and these projects are causing water shortages.

The projects would forever destroy the ecology of our region. Scores of young men from Gilgit-Baltistan are serving 70-90 years of imprisonment for protesting against the plunder of our national resources.”

Let us examine some other insidious topics of Indian Chronicles Op-Eds, which clearly depict the malice being propagated.

‘Beijing’s accountability in the COVID-19 cover up’ by Member European Parliament (MEP) Angel Dzhambazki; ‘Is Italy’s ongoing and forthcoming crisis an opportunity for China?’ by MEP Gianna Gancia; ‘Convenient to call out France on Islamophobia, but lips sealed for China’ by MEP Fulvio Martusciello ‘The coronavirus in light of the “Chinese virus” by MEP Virginie Joron; and two articles by Henri Malosse: ‘Erdogan – China’s new puppet?’  and ‘Killing for Organs – China’s State Terrorism’.

The key figure, the report says, is Ankit Srivastava, who is currently deputy chairman of the Srivastava Group.

Researchers found 265 pro-India sites operating in 65 countries and territories, the report said. Traced back to Srivastava Group(SG), an Indian holding company based in Delhi.

SG establishes direct links with at least 10 UN-accredited NGOs and uses them to criticize Pakistan as well as China in the international community and advance India’s interests.

There has been a mushrooming rise in the practice of yellow journalism laid out by Indian Chronicles, claiming that the appearance of China in Gwadar has actually reiterated the Baloch insurgency.

The Indian media is swift to make false claims about how Gwadar seems to be not safe for investing in foreign business but that’s where the Indian media is twisting the facts.

The 15-year global disinformation campaign for promoting Indian interests is a blatant slander against Pakistan and denigrating China, attempting to isolate Pakistan and create mistrust between the Iron Brothers China and Pakistan so that India can gain recognition and support from the international community.

The method in the madness is that by use of hybrid warfare, since 2005, the Indian Chronicles has had direct control of more than ten NGOs accredited to the UN Human Rights Council.

It has over 550 website domain names registered. Which generates fake media in Brussels and Geneva, and 750 fake media in 116 countries. It has resorted to the resurrection of dead people, defunct media and non-existent NGOs.

It has indulged in identity theft, impersonation of EU institutions and through its machinations and manipulations caused the involvement of the European Parliament.

Such malevolent attempts will never succeed because the Belt and Road Initiative as well as the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor will prosper, see fruition and bring to the region and the world.

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