Book “Khoya Hoa Admi” on biography of Kamal Ahmad launched



Authored by renowned writer Ishrat Jahan Rizvi, book titled “Khoya Hoa Admi” on biography of Kamal Ahmad Rizvi was lunched at Hasina Moin Hall on Sunday under the auspices of Arts Council of Pakistan, Karachi (ACPKHI). President Arts Council M. Ahmed Shah, Samina Ahmed, Shehzad Roy, Dr. Raza Kazmi, and SM Shahid addressed the event while Huma Mir performed the duties of the moderator.

Speaking on the occasion, President Arts Council Muhammad Ahmad Shah said that Kamal Ahmad Rizvi was a man of many facets.

There are some people in the world whose work is their identity. He said, when people used to write dramas, they also considered classical music and painting in it. When Kamal Sahib performed on stage, his energy was visible. Ishrat Rizvi has written a biography.

Luckily, Kamal Ahmed Rizvi was also a member of the Arts Council Governing Body and Chairman of the Theater Committee for many years, he added.

Expressing his views, Bakhtiar Ahmed said that there should be such work on the life of Kamal Rizvi so that the next generation can benefit from it.

Bulbul-e-Pakistan Dr. Alia Imam said that Ishrat Jahan Rizvi is a mature writer, Kamal Ahmed Rizvi’s whole personality is like a cut diamond which has hundreds of facets and there is eternal freshness and radiance in every facet.

While addressing the participants, Samina Ahmed said, “After reading this book, the respect for Kamal Ahmed Rizvi has increased in my heart.

Kamal Sahib was a wonderful man. He laid the foundation of Lahore Theater. He used to celebrate them from home. He said that the credit for everything I am today goes to Kamal Rizvi. I have learned a lot from him.”

Author Ishrat Jahan Rizvi said that there are very few women who get along with a man like Kamal Ahmed Rizvi, he wanted to do a lot but life did not help, while writing the book I never realized that Kamal is not with me. I am grateful to the Arts Council for their full support.

Acting as the moderator of the event, Dr. Huma Mir said that she worked with Kamal Rizvi in Intezar Hussain’s most famous drama “Khuwaboun K Musafir” where she had the opportunity to learn a lot from Kamal Rizvi.

Arts Council Governing Body Member Iqbal Latif said that Kamal Rizvi’s style of writing was honest and truthful.

He was a man of love.  Shehzad Roy said that Rizvi’s teaching process continued till death. He said that even in the anger of some people there is love and there is an opportunity to learn a lot from them, the young generation should know who Kamal Rizvi was, their thinking and ideology need to reach out to others.

Anjum Ayaz said that Kamal Ahmad Rizvi did a wonderful job. He was a very handsome and always young man. Every man was crazy about his acting. Akbar Khan said that talking about Kamal Ahmed Rizvi is like showing a lamp to the sun.

He never compromised on his work. SM Shahid read out an article titled “Kamal’s Book”, Farhan presented the message of Kamal Ahmed’s long-time colleague Kafi Sahib.

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