Bohra food festival draws crowd on second day



Bohra Food Festival draws crowds on second dayParticipants rush over the special bohri dish thal, holding competitions in various categoriesKarachi: crowds of the citizens of the Karachi came out at Bohra Food Festival on the second day of the festival.

Citizens showed great interest in special Bohri cousin Thall, competitions in different categories also taking place. According to the details, the three-days Bohra Food Festival continued on the second day on behalf of the Bohra community in the heart of Karach, Nazimabad. On the second day, citizens along with their families visited the Bohra Food Festival in thousands. The dish Thal is being specially liked and the stall of the Thal is very crowded. In the food festival, competitions were also held among men in baking breads and among children in making their favorite dishes.

It should be noted that more than 100 stalls have been set up in the festival, which include traditional Bohra foods, as well as stalls of delicious foods from around the world, including other popular foods of Karachi.

The backbone of the Bohra Food Festival is the Bohra Thal, where the entire family eats together on a single plate called Thal. Online booking is being done for Bohra Thal in Bohra Food Festival and eight people are enjoying different types of food in one Thal.The festival also has a restaurant called Cooking Education for Children, where children can prepare their own food and cooking competitions are also being held here among children, as well as bread baking competitions among men have going on.

Regarding the men’s bread baking competition, the organizers said that the purpose of introducing this competition is to understand the problems of housewives and to raise awareness among men about household matters so that men can do help women in performing household duties. The organizers while talking to the media said that the objective of the Bohra Food Festival is to introduce the citizens to the traditions of the Bohra community and to promote harmony between the Bohra community and the citizens of the city and to achieve this goal there is no better option than a food festival. The organization of Bohra Food Festival is being highly appreciated by the citizens. Citizens said that the Bohra Food Festival is a pleasant addition to the traditions of Karachi, through which we not only got an opportunity to understand the Bohra community but also increased mutual relations.

There is a lot to offer including different types of food, sports arrangements and we are having a lot of fun. The citizens hoped that the Bohra Food Festival would continue to be held every year.It should be noted that the entry fee of Bohra Food Festival has been fixed at Rs 100, which will be used for charitable purposes. The Bohra Food Festival will continue for three days.