Body of housemaid found from cardboard box


A body found by police from a cardboard box Kahna area here on Friday turned out to be of a housemaid.

As per details, police recovered a body which was later confirmed as of a housemaid named Yasmeen, who was working at the house of Bushra Bibi in Kahna.

Lahore police said the body was thrown by Bushra Bibi and her daughter, Irum in the cardboard box after strangulating Yasmeen. In CCTV footage the mother and the daughter can be seen strangulating the maid.

The body has been moved for postmortem by the police to find the cause of the death, while Bushra and her daughter have fled.

The police are conducting raids to arrest the culprits.

Earlier in December last year, the body of an eight-year-old maid had been thrown outside her parents’ residence in Punjab’s Phool Nagar after allegedly being tortured and murdered by the house owners.

The terrifying incident was reported in a suburban area of Phool Nagar.

The house owners had allegedly thrown the body of an underage maid named Misbah outside her parents’ residence and fled from the scene.


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