Bob Melvin explains why he left Athletics to be Padres manager



Bob Melvin is eternally grateful for his time managing the Athletics, but explained his rationale behind departing for the San Diego Padres after 11 years in an exclusive interview with NBC Sports California’s Brodie Brazil.

“I can’t forecast where the A’s are going to go and what they’re going to do,” Melvin told Brazil.

“There are limitations, there has been talk about what the team needs to do, not only now but in the future, there [are] restrictions of how things can go in Oakland and then when there’s a conversation and someone calls on you and you get a chance to go somewhere else and you have a conversation, sometimes things transpire.”

Melvin spoke honestly about his process, but also emphasized repeatedly the love and appreciation he has for the organization, its players and coaches, and the fans of Oakland.—Agencies

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