BNP-M backs no-confidence motion: Shahbaz ‘Homework’ is complete to quite an extent, says Mengal

Amraiz Khan

The PML-N President, Shahbaz Sharif on Saturday said that the Balochistan National Party-M Chairman Akhtar Mengal supports the no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Imran Khan.

He expressed these views while talking to the media men outside his residence in the City on Saturday after meeting with BNP chief Sardar Akhtar Mengal.

It is pertinent to mention here that the opposition leader in the National Assembly had invited the BNP chief. Both the leaders held discussion on the current political situation, inflation, unemployment, economic crisis and other grave problems being faced by public.

Both the leaders were of the view that the planned no-trust motion against government was demand of the nation. They exchanged views on the future strategy of opposition in order to exert more pressure on government which is already facing a full frontal assault by the opposition in the shape of long marches and looming no-trust motion.

The opposition leader in National Assembly said that he talked to the BNP chief on the no-trust move. He was of the view that the level of corruption had crossed all boundaries and the opposition was trying hard to make the no-trust move against government successful.

Upon being asked about bringing about the no-confidence motion, the Opposition leader said: “As soon as the Opposition completes the preparations after consulting other parties, an announcement will be made.”

On the matter of granting rights to small provinces, Shehbaz held that the PML-N believed that the federal government should protect their rights.

Shahbaz added that opposition parties, including the PDM’s constituent parties and those not in the alliance such as the PPP, were all involved and playing their role and the media would be alerted first as soon as preparations were complete.

The PML-N president said there was “give and take” in politics and the finer details of the aftermath of a no-trust move’s success were still being sketched out.

Shehbaz said the move was according to the wishes of the people who were praying for deliverance from the incumbent government and they had already given the “signal” for it.

Talking on the occasion, Mengal said they held talks on the issue of no-confidence motion. He said that it was necessary to get rid of this government which brought disaster instead of ‘change’ (Tabdeeli).

The Baloch leader said that they were all part of the PDM.


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