Biometric attendance in the offing for school students



A biometric system would be introduced in schools to record the attendance of students and biometric attendance would be made mandatory for students at later stages.

Education Minister Saeed Ghani a biometric system for the attendance of teachers in schools had already been introduced and now steps were being taken to mark students’ attendance through the same technology.

The minister said the government was working towards making biometric attendance mandatory for students at schools.

He has assured the renewed recruitment and transfer policy for government teachers, assuring that no one, including him, would be interfering in the appointment of teachers.

The provincial education minister acknowledged that there was a shortage of teaching and non-teaching staff in schools and attributed it to the ban on the recruitment of teachers brought in place in 2018 by the then education minister and a later restriction imposed by the cabinet in 2019.

He maintained that the restrictions were enforced because teachers refused postings in areas where they were needed and instead opted for postings in places of their choice.

Then turning his attention to the new recruitment and transfer policy for teachers, he assured that appointments would be made purely on the basis of merit and only candidates passing the test organized by the Institute of Business Administration, Sukkur would be hired.