Biofloc fish farming promises high economic returns



Biofloc fish farming is a modern concept of high density fish rearing. It not only is a profit generating business but also helps to resolve the challenge of food security. Both, the rich as well as the poor can rear fish easily because of extremely low operational cost.
In Biofloc fish farming, the fish are nurtured in a water tank, made of turbulence sheet, which is easily available in the market. Fish seeds are put into the water tank.
Similarly, probiotic is also mixed in the water.
It is a low cost procedure in which toxic materials of the fish such as Ammonia, Nitrate, and Nitrite can be converted into feed.
The probiotic in the tank consumes ammonia and converts it into protein. Thus, the fish in the tank use this protein as feed. Actually, the principle of this technique is to recycle nutrients.—APP