Bio-plastic with Mango kernel



A Pakistani scientist Dr. Anjum Nawab, serving as Assistant Professor at Karachi University claimed on Monday to generate bio plastic with mango kernel, easily dissoluble and has no threat to the environment, aquatic life and plants. Talking to a private news channel she said, “Pakistanis known for ample production of mango in the world so I choose mangoes’ waste to form bio plastic bag in my PhD studies.” She further informed that with more advancement the plastic could be used to make shopping bags to carry vegetables and eatables, as it was on Primary stage yet, adding it could be melted in the ground just like waste of fruits and could be liquefied under hot water. Similarly, Dr. Anjum said that she was working to produce plastic with the waste of other fruits by using its stone and skin so it would not cost much while preparing bio plastic moreover using this plastic in manufacturing plastic would not cost the factory owners much resultantly the buyers could purchase bags easily. The whole process from generating plastic with mangoes’ stones to manufacturing bags would be environment friendly and there would be no environmental hazards, adding Pakistan has a plenty of skilled workers but needs to be channelized properly rather being disgraced on social media for such experiments.—INP