Bilawal’s warning


CHAIRMAN Pakistan People’s Party Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on Tuesday warned the government of a countrywide campaign if it does not renegotiate its deal with the International Monetary Fund. Speaking at the inauguration ceremony of the People’s Urban Forest, he vowed to oppose ‘PTI-IMF’ budget, which has multiplied woes of the people.
The warning of the PPP leader comes in the backdrop of similar threats being hurled by JUI(F) chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman with the objective of toppling the Government. Bilawal’s ultimatum is somewhat different in the sense that he has not talked about overthrowing of the Government and is linking the agitation to the problems being faced by the masses because of wrong economic policies of the Government. However, the very talk of agitation or protest campaigns is unfortunate as the country needs continuity and stability to overcome the problems that have also been highlighted by the Chairperson of the PPP. The tension in politics had receded following decision of the PPP and PML(N) to extend unconditional support for passage of the law relating to extension in service of the services chiefs. There were also indications of some change in the tone and tenor of the Government leaders but the PPP stands annoyed following failure of the Government to honour its commitment given by the Prime Minister during his meeting with Sindh Chief Minister in Karachi recently about appointment of a new IGP in the province. We surely oppose any move aimed at destabilizing any of the governments but the opposition is also fully entitled to agitate the issues that matter for people of Pakistan, price hike and unemployment being among top of them. There is no denying the fact that IMF package has increased problems of the people and the worst aspect of the entire episode is that there is respite in sight for them.

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