Bilawal marching to Islamabad after ruining Sindh: Haleem


Leader of the Opposition in Sindh Assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh while hitting out at Pakistan People’s Party on Sunday said that Bilawal Zardari was marching to Islamabad after ruining Sindh.

In a statement regarding PPP’s Awami march; he said that at last Bilawal Zardari appeared in Karachi although on pretext of the march that started from the city.

Bilawal Zardari’s PPP was taking out a long march led by a corrupt, infected and defected leadership that has ruined Sindh during its 14 year long rule, Haleem Adil Shaikh remarked and questioned “Against whom Bilawal Zardari has taken out the march after ruining Sindh.”

Holding Bilawal Zardari and his party PPP responsible for destruction of Karachi, he insisted “If Bilawal Zardari was a public leader he must answer people of Karachi why his party’s Sindh government has destroyed Karachi.

Haleem observed that in 2009 when total volume of Sindh budget was Rs 150 billion, PPP had allocated Rs 37 billion for Karachi but in ongoing fiscal year out of Rs 1400 billion of provincial budget only Rs 38 billion are set aside for the metropolis.

Karachiites did not get a single drop of water despite expenditure of Rs 13 billion on incomplete mega water project K-IV while the provincial capital did not receive just 14 buses despite announcements of thousands of buses during 14 years, Haleem Adil Sheikh noted.

He stressed that Bilawal Zardari must also respond to questions by people of Karachi that Why did your government make this city a garbage dump and why the citizens of Karachi were left at the mercy of robbers in 2022.

The opposition leader said that Sindh particularly Karachi was facing the worst ever law and order situation as strong sense of insecurity has developed among the citizens and they were not feeling themselves safe even inside their homes.

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