Bilawal blames Centre for withholding Sindh’s NFC share


Staff Reporter


The PTI-led federal government is usurping the rightful share of Sindh to the NFC Award, PPP Chairperson Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari alleged on Thursday, stressing that it was the “root of all problems.”
“To date, one of Pakistan’s provinces has been deprived of its rightful share to the NFC Award; we have been demanding our rights since ages,” Bilawal said. “Last year, there was a shortfall of Rs116 billion [in the NFC Award] from Sindh and it’s Rs200 billion this year.
“This injustice is continuously done to every province” in Pakistan, he said. The PPP chairperson said if the NFC award issued before the 18th Amendment was follow, then it must also be understood that Sindh has been assigned more work and more responsibilities subsequently.
“They [federal government] is not willing to give the deserving share of the NFC Award that would increase the funds and resources [to Sindh] so that there can be an improvement in the lives of its people, as well as the education, health, and local bodies systems.
“You name any country, whether it has a presidential system or a parliamentary one, is under a federal rule or unitary form of government, faces coronavirus pandemic, hurricanes, monsoons or locusts attacks, the entire nation becomes one, they unite and manage resources to assist each other,” Bilawal added.
“But our government offered no facilitation. It’s our misfortune that when our nation is experiencing a pandemic, there are talks of taking away their rights and resources. There are historical monsoon rains of 10 years and problems [created by the floods] in the entire province.
“If a house is facing issues in Karachi, that is as important to me as a house that collapses in Chohi [Goth], Qamber Shahdadkot, Ghotki or Thatta,” he stressed.


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