Big powers bound to stop HRs violations in IoJ&K



Hundreds of Pakistani and Kashmiris settled in Europe staged an anti-India protest demonstration to end the lockdown of Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IoJ&K).
The protest was organised by Tehreek-e-Kashmir TeK Europe in front of Indian Consulate. Carrying the Pakistan and Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJ&K) flags the protesters were shouting anti-India and pro-freedom of Kashmir slogans.
The banners and playcards carried by the protesters were inscribed with the slogans like ‘free Kashmir’ , ‘Modi make tea not war’, ‘India get out from Kashmir’, ‘stop killing people in Kashmir’ and ‘go India go back’.President TeK UK Raja Fahim Kayani who specially arrived from UK to join the anti-India rally as chief guest said that Kashmiris are fighting as per UN resolutions and it is the duty of big powers to come forward to stop human rights violations in Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IoJ&K).
‘European Union should take the notice of curfew and communication blackout of IoJ&K people who have been locked by Indian army since August 5, 2019. Political leadership has been arrested under draconian and black lawas like Public Safety Act (PSA), ‘T eK UK President Kayani added. On the occasion President TeK Europe Italy Chaudhry Maqsood Aslam said that the protest is against the rising human rights abuses which are being carried out by Indian occupational army in IoJ&K saying now it is time for Europe to raise their voice against Indian brutalities in IoJ&K.
The former TeK Europe President Tanveer Kadhar said that from one side this protest is against Indian state terrorism in IoJ&K and the other we want to express solidarity with the people of occupied Kashmir that they are not alone in their right of self-determination movemt who Pakistanis and Kashmiris settled in Europe are with them.
Kadkar further said that they will continue to raise voice for the voiceless IoJ&K people who are under Indian suppression oppression since last seven decades.
Latter the protesters marched towards the Indian Consulate to condemn the lockdown of IoJ&K and show complete solidarity with IoJ&K.
The other overseas Kashmiris and Pakistanis leaders who spoke in support of IoJ&K people were Secretary General TeK Europe Chaudhry Jamsheed Cheema, Vice President Tehreek-e-Kashmir Italy Sajjad Warriach, Vice President TeK Italy Fahim Chaudhry and others.—Sabah