Biden, shape-shifters & peanuts 2 | By Rizwan Ghani


Biden, shape-shifters & peanuts 2

AFTER losing Europe, Biden is begging Pakistan with a bowl full of Peanuts 2 incentives in one hand for becoming West’s security state in the region and other power of Rasputin (a sorcerer who sparked Russian Revolution)to bankrupt Pakistan for regional integration to build its economy while avoiding its deadly embrace.

It leaves Pakistan with Hobson’s choice of having the right to act, but can Pakistan really choose with the zip code it has?

Zia famously rejected America’s Afghan war aid package as peanuts. Will Biden threaten Pakistan or work with it? Biden-Xi Bali meeting was positive.

It will create space for Pakistan and the US to work together. It will allow Biden to improve his global standing after losing Congress, Ukraine war and failed G-20.

Were missiles fired to humiliate Biden, keep Zelenski in power and dead NATO alive (Poland President: missile strike probably Ukrainian stray 16 Nov 2022, the Guardian)?

Things will deteriorate further as winter progresses and BRICS replaces digital currency with US dollar.

In Pakistan, Imran has become a shape-shifter by taking a U-turn on America (Cablegate). He has put himself first in line of all shape-shifters aspiring to be the next one-page PM.

Like Trump, time will tell if he can contest the election and still win (candidacy is not shelter from legal storm for Trump, 16 Nov 20222, MSNBC).

The defeat of Kari Lake in Arizona Governor race has set the tone for elections in Pakistan. She was a Trump nominee and election denier if she is not a winner. It will end Imran’s demands of Election Commissioner removal also.

Opposition maintains that Imran’s demand of removing EC for free and fair election is a ploy for avoiding accountability in many cases including foreign funding case.

The US Congress approved paper ballot instead of EVM to make US election secure (US Election Safety Act 2019).

After experiencing Trump populism, the speculations of America’s support for Imran and election deniers are farfetched.

Now it is race between the White House and Imran who will stand for democracy or populism in Pakistan.

It would be interesting to see Imran’s policy on Election Commissioner. If he continues to criticize democratic institutions, he will lose international support and another U-turn will damage his vote bank.

Imagine Trump accepting 2020 presidential election results. With Cable-gate in court, will there be Judge Cannon show in Pakistan (Judge again sides with Trump in Mar-a-Lago documents fight, 29 Sept 2022, Politico)?

Let us see Biden’s diplomacy in the region including Charlie Wilson 2. America supported India for getting Indian Kashmir.

Now Delhi wants Afghanistan, GB and Pakistani Kashmir for “staying” in Indo-Pacific alliance while trading with China.

Next Tibet and India’s list for America to do more will keep growing. Unlike India’s flip-flop foreign policy with its allies, Pakistan is keeping its relations with all countries clear and expects them to respect its interests.

Pak-US relations can strengthen democracy. It is a rich country which needs good governance. Militarily, it has delivered 100% by letting America win its only war in history.

America and Europe cannot put a price tag on USSR defeat. A nuclear Pakistan is pride of the region and critical for the West (Ukraine).

If India is kept out of Afghanistan, there will be peace and prosperity in the region. The ball is in Biden’s court.

Pakistan needs an economic system that serves public. Pakistan needs a series of securities to build the country such as manufacturing, energy, food, water, job, healthcare, education and public safety.

A banking system that serves customers and state not profiteers (1933 Glass Stegall Legislation).

An education system that educates professionals and trains skilled workers. Pakistan is 7th hardest working nation in the world (ILO Stat) clocking 49 hours per week. The West is working for 34 hours weekly, but we are poor.

It shows that the trade deals, loans and systems are nothing but predatory policies of the East India Company stealing Pakistan’s resources, jobs and self-respect while enriching ruling elite at the cost of the public and country.

Look at Reko Diq (A Blistering Cost, 7 Nov 2022). Obama ($9T), Trump ($7.8T) and Biden ($4.8T) added $21.6T of debt to the US economy.

America had to print dollars (world reserve currency) which is fuelling global inflation, increasing national debts, devaluing national currencies and forcing more than 80 countries into bankruptcy.

The International Establishment instead of writing off this debt is exploiting it for vested stakes.

Exchange rate should be Rs130.Why should Pakistan pay for all this? Pakistan should protect its foreign policy interests.

Australia is ending its security state status in the region (Xi-Albanese meeting). The UK is going for soft Brexit after Brexit destroyed UK economy to keep it a security state in Europe.

To stay in power, Modi has turned India into a security state in Asia. China has added four new corridors to CPEC (digital, industrial, green and health). Let us see what Biden offers in Peanuts 2 and how our leaders defend Pakistan.

—The writer is senior political analyst based in Islamabad.


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