Beijing Winter Olympics becomes a window to China’s latest innovation


Beijing Winter Olympics 2022 has become a window to China’s latest innovation and technological advancement, says a report published by China Economic Net (CEN) Tuesday.

It is a reflection of how effectively technology was utilized to make the Olympics simple, safe and splendid. With technology, not only were the Olympic Games safe and virus free but also they were green, clean and environmentally friendly. China has made its mark as a leader in tech innovation due to the effective use of advanced technologies. The games display the incredible view of art and technology covering artistic torch ignition, robotic food preparation, athlete performance, health monitoring, Artificial Intelligence tools, self-driving cars, intelligent navigation, and accurate time information for Journalistic reporting.

Even the President of the International Olympics Committee, Thomas Bach, could not resist acknowledging that China has brought forward an unprecedented level of digitalization and set a high technological benchmark for the future Olympics. He has made these remarks by virtually speaking to the journalists through holographic communication technology with a remote high definition screen developed by China’s corporate giant Alibaba.—INP

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