Beggars return to hotspots despite ICT admin’s action



Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) administration is taking strict action against professional beggars and their handlers to curb the menace from society but in no time, they have returned to the hotspots without any fear.

Talking to APP a source on condition of anonymity said that professional beggars earn between Rs1000 to 2000 and after facing legal action they return to their hotspots as beggary is an easy task for them.He said hotspots of beggars in Islamabad include Jinnah Super Market, Aabpara, Karachi Company, Blue Area, I-10 Markaz, F-11 Markaz, G-11 Markaz, F-10, traffic signals and suburbs. A citizen, Abdul Hameed said that beggars adopt different tactics including selling pens, books and flowers in their hands to avoid police raids.

He said professional beggars are mostly located outside restaurants, public transport terminals, shopping malls, traffic signals. He said beggars usually target the people who come out after having a meal from the restaurants and those who are busy eating in the open air.ICT Spokesperson Abdullah Tabassum said that Deputy Commissioner Irfan Nawaz Memon has ordered the authorities concerned to take strict action against the professional beggars and their handlers. “If a child is found begging he would be sent to the Edhi Center while a case will be registered against others under the Islamabad Prevention of Beggary Act”, he informed.


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