Beggars engulf more than 900 spots in city



According to reports, more than 900 places in Karachi came under the scam of professional beggars.

As the city’s glory was restored after the ease in restrictions due to Coronavirus, the number of beggars also mushroomed and the country’s largest city with a population of more than 220 million came under the spell of professional beggars.

More than 900 places including traffic signals, markets, mosques, hospitals in the city are ruled by about 500,000 beggars.

Citizens said, professional beggars do not deserve financial assistance in any way, they irritate them and most of the beggars have also been found involved in crimes.

These beggars can be found living under railway stations and bridges in the city.

According to experts, the child protection units set up by the government are mostly empty due to which children including women are also seen to be part of the begging mafia.