Bayat foundation distributes winter aid in Khost province



Bayat Foundation has handed out dozens of food aid packages to needy families in Khost province.

Foundation officials say these donations include flour, rice and oil.

According to foundation officials and assessment was carried out among families in the province to determine those most in need.

“Today in Khost province, we distributed food packages that include flour, rice and oil to the needy families based on a survey list, said Salam Sharifi, foundation representative in the southeast of the country.

Foundation officials also said the distribution of aid to needy families in Kabul and other provinces in the country will continue throughout winter.

The families who have benefited from these donations ask other charitable organizations to help Afghans in need during these difficult times.

“We also ask other foundations to help all the needy families in Afghanistan, and we are very grateful to Bayat Foundation,” a recipient said.

Bayat Foundation has helped the needy residents of Khost in the past as well.

In addition to helping with critical, lifesaving aid, Bayat Foundation has also continued to provide safe drinking water, health centers and schools to Afghans as well as building new mosques.—Ariana news