Bank building damaged in blast; BDS prepares report


A blast took place inside a private bank near the Paposh Nagar area of Karachi on Friday.No casualties were reported however the explosion damaged the windows and gates of the premises. The security forces cordoned off the area however the nature of the blast is yet to be determined. As per the police officials, the blast also damaged a vehicle and several motorcycles in the vicinity. SSP Murtaza Tabassum said the blast occurred inside the bank. He added that the Bomb Disposal Squad had also arrived at the scene and the nature of the blast was being assessed. Moreover, the Bomb Disposal Squad (BDS) has prepared the report on the mysterious explosion. Senior Superintendent Police Ghulam Murtaza told media that the bank is located at the residential building and the explosion was seemingly occurred due to gas pressure in the storage tank. He confirmed that no one got hurt in the incident and the investigators found no evidence of any sabotage bid. The BDS officials cleared the bank building after inspecting the explosion site. Heavy contingents of police and Rangers cordoned off the area and commenced an investigation after reaching the incident’s site.

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