Balochistan senators seek practical measures for development

Ijaz Kakakhel

The outgoing senators from Balochistan on Wednesday demanded of the government to take practical steps for removal of deprivations among the people of backward areas particularly Balochistan.

A lot of measures were taken but on ground there was nothing claiming that they were patriotic and their leaders rendered countless sacrifices for the creation of Pakistan.

Mir Kabeer, Dr Jehanzeb Jamadini and Usman Kakar were of the view that deprivations among the people of Balochistan were rising because they were ignored in the development process of the country.

They also suggested to give-up the tradition of terming Baloch and other nationalist leaders as traitors because they were more loyal to the country others.

They regretted that always controlled democracy was given to Balochistan, which according to them unable to deliver.

In the farewell speaches, Mir Kabeer said that Balochistan is political and it should be resolved through political dialogues adding that through guns the issue could not be resolved.

He said that he during his tenure as Senator forcefully raised the issues faced by Balochistan. He emphasized the need to further strengthen and empower the Upper House.

Dr Jehanzeb Jamaldini said that as a nation we committed countless mistakes as a result separation of East Pakistan.

“We should learn lesson from past mistakes”, he said adding that deprivation of Balochistan have created hatred among the people.

Leader of the House Shahzad Waseem commended the contributions of all the senators in the smooth functioning of the upper house.

Highlighting the significance of the Senate, he said this is the house of federation having representation from all the four provinces.

He said it is a matter of satisfaction that all the political parties are united on the matters of national security and promotion of democracy in the country.

He said that the outgoing Senators were now delivering their farewell speeches, sharing their experiences and efforts they undertook to make the house more robust and dynamic in resolving issues of public concern.

Meanwhile, Khushbakht Shujat regretted the use of malpractices in the Senate elections. She said the political parties should award tickets only to their workers.

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