Bajwa’s fresh directions


CHIEF of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa has reportedly issued fresh directions to all his commanders and key officers including those in the ISI to stay away from politics and avoid interacting with politicians.

The latest statement of the Army Chief has also come at a time when certain elements have unfortunately unleashed a propaganda campaign against the institution and making calls to it to intervene for early elections in the country.

Indeed every institution has a defined role in the Constitution and it must remain within its domain as it is the only way forward to take the country in the right direction.

In the past, the Army’s role had been intrusive, however, it is a matter of satisfaction that the current military leadership is very clear about its role which pertains only to the security and defence of homeland.

The same has been expressed by them time and again. The very statements of the spokesperson of Pakistan Army are on record in which he repeatedly stated that they have nothing to do with politics and that they should not be dragged into the politics.

Whilst the Army has made its intentions clear not to become part of any political ploy, it is really regrettable that some elements are not happy with their non-political role and have started a campaign, especially on social media, to malign the institution.

This should come to an end immediately. Our defence forces are ranked amongst the most professional and disciplined forces in the world.

Resorting to baseless allegations against the institution will only hurt the morale of our soldiers who in fact have rendered immense sacrifices both for the internal and external security of the country.

Security challenges even today are so immense that the institution cannot afford looking at other matters that do not come in its precinct.

Our military leadership indeed has the vision and clarity to better deal with security-related challenges.

It is also for the political forces to stop looking towards the Army for political gains and rather sit together and settle their issues whilst rising above the petty political interests if they really care for this country and its people.


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