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Bajwa doctrine and OIC Foreign Ministers Summit

THE key purposes behind authoring this  article is to comprehensively demonstrate the narrative of Pakistan about counter-terrorism and extremism.

Diversity and balance as among the core ideologies of Pakistan alongside speaking up about the Human rights has also been targeted.

The doctrine of Pakistani COAS General Qamar Javed Bajwa is also discussed in affirmation of the Pakistani State as a land of peace and not of violence. Paigham-e-Pakistan as the narrative of peace and harmony in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan has also been deliberated in this research.

Additionally, fatwa of 1800 religious intellectuals of Pakistan declaring suicide bombings Haram is also conversed in the current script.


The Bajwa Doctrine centers around the inside security and trusts in thoroughly clearing out terrorism from Pakistan. It is ensuring that no places of refuge be saved for the fear-based oppressors. The tenet’s only need is Pakistan.

The old thought of recognizing positive or negative activism appears to have faded away. The regulation has battled against terrorism of each shade and shading. Gen Bajwa and his group has an unmistakable vision of tranquil and prosperous Pakistan and they need to make Pakistan absolutely viciousness free.

They need the aggressor gatherings to be de-weaponised and brought to the standard like Ireland and other difficulty-stricken nations where fighting gatherings were managed in an ideal manner.


Gen Bajwa had met Afghan leadership and revealed to them that as an initial step, both Afghanistan and Pakistan should quit being used against each other. The line fencing on the Pak-Afghan border is the trademark accomplishment of the Bajwa Doctrine which will benefit both the neighbours.

The Bajwa teaching stands for regional harmony and, similar to China, needs to try for some degree of reconciliation with India while keeping our disparities on center issues. The precept is prepared for serene negotiations, however, without settling on the Kashmir issue.

The principle is completely mindful of the Chinese Counsel to Pakistan that rather than war, other tranquil measure be haggled for Kashmir issue.


The Bajwa teaching is completely mindful of the international viewpoint since the overall himself had been in UN Peacekeeping Force connecting with various nationalities.

The tenet examined the USA-Canada business relationship and came to the conclusion that at first Canada was at misfortune yet now it is in benefit. This model can assist Pakistan to create exchange with China and India dealing with our own business advantages.

The principle needs great relationship with the USA and is prepared to work with them on the controversial issues. The vision discredits any thought of immediate or circuitous conflict with previous partner USA and stresses the need of settling all issues through discourse.


The teaching has meticulously chipped away at improving relationship with Iran and Gen Bajwa’s visit to Iran and Iranian leadership visit to Pakistan are being considered as productive. The Bajwa Doctrine has effectively patched the harm done to Pak-Saudi relations during the last system of Nawaz Sharif.

It has likewise standardized the relations with the UAE which appeared to be in constant conflict during the Sharif system in the light of the issue of deciding in favor of Turkey rather than others.

Pakistan has become more important character in the region to establish peaceful and harmonious relationship among major stakeholders. The just-concluded OIC, Foreign Ministers Summit in Islamabad is a golden opportunity for the leadership of Pakistan to lead from the front and to resolve emerging issues of Muslim World for a prosperous and peaceful harmonious relationship among the Islamic world.


The time has come to move forward according to global requirements to ensure in the advancement of education and technology and mutual trade to overcome the challenges of globalisation.

Pakistan has potential to lead the Muslim world for establishment of Islamic centre of global vision for the future.

Muslim world will have to announce joint mechanism to counter the challenges of extremism, terrorism and poverty in OIC Summit. The Islamabad Declaration can set the tone for future of Muslim world’s comprehensive vision for next decades.


—The writer is PhD in Islamic Studies, author and academic writer & lecturer at NUML, Islamabad.


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