Bahawalpur free of dengue patients: Nayyar


Our Correspondent


Commissioner Bahawalpur division, Nayyar Iqbal has said that there was no single local dengue patient in all three districts of Bahawalpur, adding that 25 dengue patients admitted to Bahawalpur-based hospitals belonged to other areas which were out of the division. Talking to journalists here, he said that dengue mosquito was not detected or reported in three districts of Bahawalpur.
He said that patients who were brought to Bahawal Victoria Hospital hailed from districts of other divisions and not from Bahawalpur division. ‘There 25 patients were admitted to dengue ward at Bahawalpur-based hospital and all of them belonged to areas which are out of Bahawalpur division,’ he said.
He said that the management of Bahawalpur division formed 1171 indoors and 329 outdoor surveillance teams who launched anti-dengue campaign across Bahawalpur division. ‘Credit goes to the surveillance teams which ensured safety against dengue virus and resultantly, dengue was not reported in Bahawalpur division,’ he said. He said that 1171 teams performed vector surveillance of 29375 houses on daily basis, respectively. ‘Indoors teams are comprising of female workers,’ he said. He added that 329 teams checked 9870 hot spots on daily basis. He said that emergency teams made at district.

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