Badghis woman ax-murders niece and injures husband


The Taliban government’s local authorities in Baghis province in northwest Afghanistan said that an elderly woman in the province’s Qala-e-Naw district used an ax to kill her niece and poured hot boiling water on her husband.

Local sources say this incident happened yesterday afternoon, on Friday, August 26, in the Baghak neighborhood of police district 1 in Qala-e-Naw city, the administrative center of the Badghis province.

According to Sanaullah Sabit, Nursing Director at the Badghis Provincial Hospital, a woman who had been severely injured by ax blows and an injured man were taken to the hospital.

The health official stated that the woman died from serious ax blows while the man, who had hot water poured on him, suffered injuries, and is now receiving medical attention at the hospital.

Officials from the Taliban confirmed the occurrence and said an investigation was ongoing; however, no one has been detained in connection with the case.

The local Taliban officials and health experts stated that the woman who perpetrated the murder of her niece with an ax and the injury she inflicted on her husband suffers from a mental illness, which has driven her to materialize the deadly acts.

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