Back to square one

AS the present set up has completed about three and a half years and people of Pakistan were looking towards 2018 as year of general elections, PTI leader Imran Khan has vowed not to let the system work and announced, on Thursday, his plans to carry out siege of the Federal Capital on October 30. He is doing this despite saner counselling by some opposition parties not to push things to the extreme.
No one would contest right of PTI to agitate issues and pin-point weaknesses of the Government as it is entitled to do so for being one of the major Parliamentary parties. However, it is strange that instead of agitating things on the floor of the elected Houses, where PTI has respectable presence, the party has adopted to focus entirely on street politics. Though the party claims that it is indulging in extreme behaviour after failure of its attempts to seek justice or redressal of its grievances from Parliamentary forum, but this should, in no way, mean a licence to destabilize the elected Government. PML(N) has been mandated by people of Pakistan to rule the country for five years and electorate alone has the legitimacy to decide its fate on the basis of its performance in the next elections. PTI or any other party has no locus standi to seek fall of the elected government through un-Parliamentary and violent tactics. This is also borne out by the fact that PTI seems to be on the slide if results of the recently conducted by-elections are concerned where it has been defeated by significant margins by PML(N) candidates and even against those seats that were previously won by PTI. This clearly shows that the people of Pakistan are weary of politics of agitation and violence and want the system to work. It is also beyond imagination to indulge in activities that could create divisions in the ranks of the nation at a time when the country was facing serious external challenges besides its on-going fight against extremism and terrorism. PTI is unlikely to benefit even if the Prime Minister resigns or the Government falls and fresh elections are held. Therefore, prudence demands that instead of rocking the boat, all parties should make preparations for next elections.

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