Bab-i-Pakistan monument


In a step that will help acquaint our young generations about the history of establishment of Pakistan and symbolise resilience and unity of the Muslims of sub continent against all odds, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif Saturday laid the foundation stone of much delayed Bab-i-Pakistan monument in Lahore. It will be built on the site of one of the major Muslim refugee camps, which operated in the wake of independence of Pakistan.

It is unfortunate that this historic project, which was aimed at paying tributes to millions of people who sacrificed everything they owned for the noble cause of Pakistan, was neglected in the past. Former Punjab Governor Ghulam Jilani Khan proposed this memorial back in 1985 yet no substantial progress was made on it. It would not be fair to commend PM Shehbaz Sharif who had been keen on this project for many years. When he was the chief minister of Punjab province, he had not only regretted delay but also directed officials to take immediate measures for its early completion. This indicates how much importance Shehbaz Sharif accords to promote awareness in the young generation regarding Pakistan Movement and objectives of the creation of the country.

There is a famous saying of a former US president that a nation that forgets its heroes will itself soon be forgotten. Hence, it is our responsibility to link the youth with their glorious history. We are confident that this time around this project will be completed at Shehbaz speed and that too from the use of local material instead of importing anything from abroad. The monument has an area of 117 acres and is meant to comprise a memorial block, library, park, museum, auditorium and art gallery. Since this place will attract a lot of visitors, every facility should be made available there that is important for their convenience.