Azerbaijan discloses number of recorded real estate in 2020


One of the main tasks in the field of real estate registration is to ensure the satisfaction of citizens, more convenient and flexible use of the services by the population, simplification of procedures, and application of modern approaches to improving the quality of services, Trend reports on Feb.5 referring to a source in the State Property Service under Azerbaijani Ministry of Economy.

According to the source, 237,450 real estate objects were registered in 2020. Of these, 63,247 (26.6 percent) accounted for the primary registration, and 174,203 (73.4 percent) for re-registration. Of the property, to which ownership rights were registered, 35,775 fell on individual private and country houses, 74,533 – apartments, 118,534 – land plots, 2,543 – non-residential buildings, 5,368 – non-residential premises, 637 – property complex, and 59 – multi-story residential buildings. Of the initially registered property 36,682 fell on Baku city, and 26,565 – on the regions of Azerbaijan.—AzerNews