Awareness drive on traffic laws from today


Staff Reporter

The North Karachi Association of Trade and Industry (NKATI) has launched a three-day awareness campaign for the workers of industrial area to comply with traffic laws, which will continue from February 6-8. According to NKATI’s statement, with collaboration of Driving License Police in NKATI, the workers of industries located in the North Karachi Industrial Area will be facilitated to obtain a learning driving license, while encouraging them to comply with the traffic laws. Farooq Khatora, Chief Disaster Management Cell, has been appointed as the Coordinator to assist the Industrial Workers in obtaining the License. Farooq Khatora urges North Karachi industrialists to support NKATI campaign and make sure their workers to implement on traffic laws. He advised that to obtain a learning license, send the workers to NKATI Office with the original NIC, where the learning license will be issued after payment of fee.