Awami Tahreek calls seminar over Sindh’s issues



Our Correspondent

Speakers including intellectuals, poets, educationalists, singers, activists of social and political parties strongly condemned have condemned the occupation and sell of Sindh’s lands, terming it preplanned conspiracy and an agenda to convert the sons of soil into minority.

They said this while addressing a seminar (titled Kohistan Bachayo) called by Awami Tahreek, here in Jhimpeer city on Sunday.

The seminar was participated by a large number of men, women, children and activists of Sindhyani Tahreek joined the seminar and called to curb occupying of the Sindh’s land.

Addressing the rally, President of the AT Sindh Rasool Bux Khaskheli, general secretary Noor Mohmmed Katiar, Hoorunisa Palijo, Mitha Khan lashari, Ganwar Khan Zauor, Mohmmed Bux Brohi and other verciforcely condemned the land occupying act and said that people of Sindh were faced to a worst land grabbing issue and were being pulled out of their ancestral villages, lands, Animal meadows.

Holding responsible Sindh government for allowing a land grabbing elements, they asked people of Sindh be awared of tactics of those land mafias and never bow in front them.

They urged upon the people to get united to defeat lands mafias and demanded to employ local people in Jhimpeer wind mills.

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