AVLC arrests gang of 4 bike lifters


Staff ReporterThe Anti-Vehicle Lifting Cell (AVLC) Lyari arrested a gang of four motorcycle lifters and
recovered five motorcycles and one pistol from their possession on Friday. The arrested accused are
claimed to be habitual criminals involved in number of cases and also have been arrested earlier. They
sell the stolen motorcycles in Hub in lieu of drugs. Accused arrested include Tehreem Javed s/o Siddique,
Umair s/o Ameer Uddin, Waqas s/o Abdul Hameed, Shehbaz s/o Rasheed.Their criminal record showed
they have arrested under FIR NO.30/2020 u/s 381/A, FIR NO.10/2020 u/s 381/A andFIR NO.33/2020 u/s