Authorities likely to opt for controlled implosion of Nasla Tower


The Nasla Tower in Karachi will likely be demolished through a controlled implosion as the authorities are satisfied with the strategy drawn out by a local company.

The office of District East’s deputy commissioner (DC) interviewed four companies on Wednesday for the demolition of the Nasla Tower.

As per sources in the DC office, the authorities are satisfied with the options drawn out by one of the local companies.

The Karachi commissioner had earlier constituted an eight-member committee to evaluate and select expressions of interest sought from different companies for the tower’s demolition through controlled implosion. The committee met on Monday, with East Deputy Commissioner Asif Jan Siddiqui in the chair.

The meeting was attended by one representative each of the Sindh police, Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA), Karachi Metropolitan Corporation and Frontier Works Organisation (FWO), NED University Civil Engineering Department head Abdul Jabbar Sangi, non-governmental organisation Shehri’s Amber Alibhai and assistant commissioner Asma Batool.

Six companies had submitted their proposals to the committee. Four companies were based in Karachi, while one each of the other two were in Lahore and Islamabad.

Batool told media that Karachi-based companies, Tabani which works in collaboration with Chinese company Shenting and High-Tech Demolition which works in collaboration with UAE-based GD Demolition Company, have offered a controlled implosion demolition, while the other two companies, Mir Enterprises and ANI Enterprises, have offered mechanical demolition.

As most demolitions are taking place in Karachi, it would be safe to assume that Karachi-based demolition companies can carry out the demolition process swiftly, she said, adding that the last two companies have already demolished the Royal Park building and illegal establishments at the Aladin Park.

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