Authorities fail to control parking mafias in Karachi


Irfan Aligi

Karachi. Oct 28, 2019: Parking mafia is minting millions from the unaware commuters while the civil provincial and district administration is silent over this loot of millions. It has been learned from reliable sources that at least 200 illegal charged car and bike parking sites are now operating in Karachi of which some 15 are situated in District Central of Karachi.
There are 17 different civic agencies that recover money from auctioning the parking sites in Karachi within their respective limits. Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) controls city’s main arteries and avenues and is the controller of parking sites on these arteries and avenues. District municipal Corporations (DMC) auction parking sites on link roads while Cantonment Boards also have their separate parking sites within the precincts of Cantonment Boards in Karachi.
City Council of KMC has fixed Rs.5 for parking of a motorcycle but the parking mafia is extorting up to Rs.20 per bike. Contractors in connivance with the officers in KMC and DMCs have provided dual parking token and one is fake which revenue is directly embezzled and the amount comes to millions.