Auqaf Minister for spread of peace, tolerance


Certificates and prizes were distributed among the graduating students of at Jamia Hajwiria Data Darbar during the annual Khatam-i-Bukhari Sharif ceremony. The passing out graduates were also honored with Dastar-i-Fazila. Caretaker Minister for Auqaf and Religious Affairs, Zakat and Usher Barrister Syed Azfar Ali Nasir was the chief guest of the ceremony while Secretary Auqaf and Religious Affairs Dr. Syed Tahir Raza Bukhari presided over the event. Before participating in the dignified ceremony, the provincial minister visited the shrine of Syed Usman Ali Al-Hajwiri Dataganj Bakhsh, a prominent spiritual figure of the subcontinent and recited the Fatiha there.

Addressing the annual Khatam-i-Bukhari Sharif ceremony, Barrister Azfer Ali Nasir congratulated the graduating students and their parents and said that Jamia Hajwiria has emerged as a unique center of knowledge and research in a short period of time. “Happy to know that currently 500 students are quenching their thirst for knowledge in Jamia Hajwiria”, exclaimed the minister.

He said that it is a blessing to learn an authentic collection of hadiths like Bukhari Sharif.

“There is no doubt that Hazrat Dataganj Bakhsh’s shrine is the source of distribution of both spiritual and worldly knowledge alike”, he said. Barrister Syed Azfer Ali Nasir prayed that the students who graduated from Jamia Hajwiria will convey the message of peace, love and tolerance of Dataganj Bakhsh in the practical field.

Addressing the annual ceremony of Khatam Bukhari Sharif, Secretary Auqaf and Religious Affairs Dr. Syed Tahir Raza Bukhari expressed satisfaction that the quality of education in Jamia Hajwiria Dataganj Bakhsh was improving day by day. “Both students and teachers of Jamia Hajwiria have the responsibility of promoting spiritual teachings”, advised the Secretary. He said that today is undoubtedly an important day in the life of the graduating students. “I pray that those who have achieved excellence in this Dastar-i-Fazila also fulfill the purpose of this Dastar”, he hoped. Secretary Auqaf said that measures are underway to further improve the facilities for the devotees at Data Darbar.

He also committed to take steps for the development and stability of Jamia Hajwiria.