Audiotape reveals MQM-London’s leader ‘leads target-killings’


MuttahidaQaumi Movement- London’s (MQM-L) Kehkashan Haider can be allegedly heard coordinating for a nefarious killing bid via phone call as another audiotape has surfaced on Thursday suggesting she led target killers’ wing in the port city.

According to private TV Channel reports, the audiotape encapsulates a telephonic conversation allegedly between Haider and a target killer set to execute a target wherein she instructs him to wait till at least afternoon or evening to proceed and not opt for Fajar (early morning) time.

The alleged telephonic chatter conspired against target-killing of a prayer leader of a mosque near Sarina Mobile Market, and Haider instructed the hired gun to choose a time when roads are replete with traffic so approaching target wouldn’t seem suspicious and fleeing the scene would be relatively easy.

It may be noted that Haider is US-based MQM-L member whose similar audiotape was released earlier by the law enforcement agencies which implicated her in running notorious activity network in Sindh and especially Karachi.

The officials have alleged that the female frontrunner runs gangs in Karachi on directives of the MQM-L founder and the evidence to back up the allegations have been accumulated.

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