Attack on worshippers kills father and 4 sons in Afghan capital



The incident took place on Wednesday morning, November 23, in the Hazrat Bilal Mosque in Kabul’s police district 9, according to Khalid Zadran, the spokesperson for the Taliban police chief in Kabul.

The attacker entered the mosque on Wednesday morning at around 6:45 in time for morning congregational prayer, according to a Taliban security official, and fired at worshipers, killing 6 individuals, including 5 members of a family.

According to the preliminary investigations, this incident was sparked by personal animosity, the Taliban official said. He further stated that the relevant security forces were working to identify and apprehend the attacker.

According to local sources, this morning’s armed incident took place as the congregation in the mosque was offering their prayers. They said that the assailant had already vacated his house and escaped the attack site.

With the deterioration of the security situation, such events have been more frequent in Kabul lately as unidentified gunmen killed the preacher of the Abu Bakr Sediq mosque and a worshipper in Kabul’s Karta-e-Naw area.—kp

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