Asif takes exception to SC’s ‘relief’ for Imran


Questions double standards of justice

The PML-N, which leads the ruling coalition, took exception on Thursday to the “double standards of justice” after the Supreme Court declared PTI Chairman Imran’s Khan arrest two days ago “unlawful”.

PML-N leader Khawaja Asif addressing a press conference in Islamabad, highlighted the “double standards of justice”.

He began by recalling that PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif and several other party leaders and workers were arrested in the past.

“But why were they not treated in this kind manner by the court? Is this good treatment reserved only for Imran Khan on a selective basis?” he asked. “They never thought of […] keeping us in a rest house. Why are there double standards in this country?”
In this connection, the defence minister also referred to a video of Imran released prior to his arrest.

“In his video message published prior to his arrest […] did Imran not incite and preach violence in it? “And what was the result of that violence?”

The PML-N leader accused PTI protesters of attacking martyrs’ graves and military installations. “Those graves were defaced and the army’s installations and corps commander’s residence in Lahore were attacked.”

He asserted that the court should have taken suo motu notice of these matters.
“But no suo motu was taken and the judiciary was not concerned. However, an individual (Imran) has been respectfully transferred to a rest house.

“The Supreme Court has ensured that he is provided all facilities and allowed to meet 10 people [at the guest house].