Asad Ali rescued from Mount Everest

Asad Ali recently climbed Mount Everest

Pakistani mountaineer Asad Ali Memon has been successfully rescued from Mount Everest after facing difficulties during his descent, a spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has claimed.

Asad, a student of IoBM from Sindh, recently became the first person from the province to summit the highest mountain in the world.

After facing no difficulties during the climb of the 8,848-meter-tall behemoth, his luck ran out during the descent with harsh weather conditions resulting in several injuries. Asad reportedly suffered a dislocated hand, injuries to his knee and burns to his skin.

The climber then requested the Pakistan embassy for a rescue operation which they obliged.

Asad has been evacuated and provided medical care. He is physically safe and is currently at a hotel in Lukla, a town near foots of Everest. He will be brought home on the first available flight. Our Embassy in Nepal is in contact with Asad and his handling agency, the ministries spokesperson was quoted as saying.

Asad Ali being rescued from Mount Everest is not the first time a Pakistani climber has needed aid during their descent from a climbed mountain. Recently renowned mountaineers Shehroze Kashif and Naila Kiani had to be rescued from Mount Annapurna while making their journey back.

Mountaineering has suddenly become a topic of interest in Pakistan with Shehroze Kashif within touching distance of setting the world record for being the youngest climber to conquer all 14-eight-thousanders and Naila Kiani being awarded the Sitara-i-Imtiaz.