Arts Council organizes “Natiyah Mushaira”


Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi on Wednesday organized “Naatiya Mushaira” at Hasina Moin Hall here on Wednesday.

The gathering started with the recitation of the holy Quran, said a spokesperson of the Arts Council. In mushaira, Naat Kwah, Tahreem Hamza and Musafara Ghos had the privilege of offering Naat–e-Rasool (Peace Be Upon Him) Maqbool.

Renowned poetess Fatima Hasan, Shahida Khurshid and others were in attendance.

On the occasion, Programme Manager of Arts Council Shahida Khurshid said that President of the Arts Council, Muhammad Ahmad Shah, has devotion to the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) and always actively participates in such gatherings, and today’s gathering is a part of it. Another 264 dengue cases reported in 24 hours.

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