Arts Council eulogises acclaimed poet Naseer Turabi

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Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi presented a tribute to Naseer Turabi, a widely acclaimed Pakistani poet, at the Joshmalihabadi Library, Arts Council.

Senior litterateur joined the event and spoke about Turabi’s personality and accomplishment virtually and physically, moderated by Shakeel Khan.

Expressing his views online Dr. Khursheed Abdullah said “Naseer Turabi is still alive in our hearts, his friendship was unparalleled he achieved great things in his lives”.

“Naseer Turabi paid a great role in raising the bar of literary scenes of Karachi. He belonged to an Intellectual family” said Aftab Maztar.

Remembring Naseer Turabi, Mr. Aftab further said that in his discourse, writing, and refinement possessed a personality who always kept in mind not only the Urdu language but also his culture, traditions, and family.

Being sadden by Turabi’s death Dr. Khursheed Rizvi said ‘This year corona outbreak took many lives, we lost many dearest friends from literary circle including Naseer Turabi. His unique style will always be remembered.

Firasat Rizvi said, “I saw him attending the literary gatherings on every day and night with solitude and dedication”.

On this occasion, Firasat presented his thesis on Naseer Turabi. Turabi’s son Rashid was also present virtually in the event, paying gratitude to the Arts Council he said “I couldn’t gather the courage to speak about my father. He taught us to respect the elders.

There was nothing worldly in his desires”. Danish Turabi said, “Being the eldest son of a great father is indeed a great thing but maintaining and taking care of his name is a difficult thing”.

Speaking on the occasion from Canada Dr. Shahida Hassan said that Turabi’s death is no less than a shock.

Poet Basir Kazmi also joined the event virtually, recalling Turabi’s old days he said that he was at the forefront of Karachi poetry in his youth.

There is no precedent for his love.
Dr. Fatima Hassan read the article “Naseer Turabi ki Shayri or Shayrat”.

She paid gratitude to Ahmed Shah for organizing this event in the Arts Council’s library and also paid regards to all the speakers for attending this event on the behalf of Ahmed Shah, president of Arts Council Karachi.

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