Artists protest over restrictions on women



A number of artists protesting against the latest restrictions imposed on women held a painting competition in Kabul, featuring artwork by women.

They say their artwork depicts the current situation of women in the country and the restrictions on women in Afghanistan.

According to the organizers of this competition, more than 50 artists are taking part, depicting the current state of women’s lives.

Aisha, one of the participants in the program, says she expresses her protest over the restrictions on women through her painting.

“This painting shows one of the Afghan women trapped in her mind and she has no place in society,” said Aisha, the participant.

“The only way to cause progress is society is through education, and school is the best way, and the fact that the young generation today is at home is one of the biggest problems of society,” said Diana, another participant.

Participants added that they turned to painting after not being allowed to go to school.

“The situation is very difficult for women, we all see it in the media and everywhere,” said Tahmina, the participant.

The purpose of this campaign is to motivate women to continue their activities in society.

“In the current situation, this program has a special effect on the development of youth and children,” said Hasna Asefizada, the organizer.

In recent years, various methods and campaigns have been launched to reduce violence against women in Afghanistan.—Tolonews

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