Arshad Nadeem shares video message from his actual twitter account

Arshad Nadeem shares video message from his actual twitter account

Arshad Nadeem, a Pakistani Olympian, sent a video message to his followers on Wednesday through his official Twitter account, apologizing for providing the incorrect account information in a previous video.

In the video, Nadeem claims that when introducing his newly established Twitter account, which is really @Arshadnadeem76, he accidentally said @Arshadnadeem26.

He cautioned that someone has already created a Twitter account with the username @Arshadnadeem26, adding that followers should be cautious since it is not his account.

‘Fraudulent activity under my name’

On Tuesday, Nadeem informed his followers in a written message that someone was scamming them by collecting money in the guise of supporting him.

“Dear all I am Arshad Nadeem. I just want to warn you all regarding fraudulent activity being carried out [under] my name for my support. I have not authorized anybody to collect money in my name. Be careful of such people,” he wrote.

The whole country has praised Arshad Nadeem, who participated in the javelin throw final at the Tokyo Olympics, for his great sportsmanship despite not having access to facilities comparable to those provided to other competitors.

Nadeem finished fifth, missing out on a podium spot, but he captured the hearts of the country with his tenacity throughout the competition.

With a best throw of 87.58 meters, Neeraj Chopra won the men’s javelin, giving India its first Olympic gold in athletics.

Meanwhile, Nadeem’s best throw was 84.63 meters.

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