Arrangements for Hajj 2023 completed, says Talha


Federal Minister for Religious Affairs Senator Muhammad Talha Mahmood has said that Arrangements for Hajj 2023 have been completed, pilgrims will not miss a single minute in providing facilities for Hajj, pilgrims going under the government scheme will not pay extra money for sacrifice.

Addressing a press conference here on Sunday, the Federal Minister for Religious Affairs said that it has been a month since he came to the ministry, some issues related to Hajj 2023 were delayed, but he worked day and night to ensure the provision of all arrangements and facilities. has been made. He said that Hajj was easy last year, 34,000 pilgrims under the government quota and 47,000 pilgrims under the private scheme had the privilege of performing Hajj.

This year the situation is different, this year 2 million people from all over the world will have the blessing of Hajj, while around 10 million local people will also be there, so like last year, Hajj this year will be difficult, but I assure you that the arrangements will be made. And no details about the facilities will be sold. He said that this year Pakistan has got a quota of 179 thousand pilgrims, 85 thousand pilgrims will perform Hajj under the public sector and 89 thousand under the private sector.

He said that hard work has been done day and night regarding the arrangements for Hajj, the staff of the ministry is constantly busy, they should be encouraged, if the media points out any deficiency, it will be rectified. The federal minister said that this year the expenditure for Hajj was 11 lakh 75 thousand rupees, we have tried to reduce it. He said that people performing Haj under the government scheme will not pay extra money for the sacrifice, a procedure has been devised for this.