Army comes to Karachiites’ rescue


OUR armed forces are not only securing the borders valiantly and internally fighting the war against terrorism but also come in aid of civilian authorities when the country is faced with any sort of calamity.
The same has been seen in the case of Karachi floods where heavy monsoon downpours have wreaked havoc on the power supply system and municipal infrastructure as electrocution and falling billboard incidents left at least twenty- two people dead in parts of the city. Pakistan Army is once again at the forefront and leading the effort to help out the people. Indeed it has an organized infrastructure to deal with such kinds of calamity-like situation. The personnel of Army were seen not only rescuing the stranded people but they are also engaged in dewatering the flooded areas in the provincial metropolis. Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa himself had stated that they will provide water extraction pumps to drain out water from the city and effectively manage the torrential rainfall and now the personnel are engaged round the clock to bring ease to the life of the people. The entire nation certainly sees these services of Pakistan Army with much appreciation but time has come that the civilian institutions also fulfil their responsibilities and build up their capacity to deal with such situations. Karachi is rightly considered the economic hub of the country and contributing greatly to its economy but it is regrettable that its provincial and local authorities have no necessary infrastructure to deal with the calamity. In fact such situation would not have developed if the relevant authorities had carried out the cleaning of drains before the onset of monsoon which stand totally choked today due to plastic bottles and bags. It is also no time for the provincial and local governments to shift the blame on the other for the current miseries of Karachites. It is rather time that they sit together for the sake of the city to find out the solution so that the people do not face such kind of awful situation in future.

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