Armed forces continue relief, rescue operation in flood-affected area


Armed forces including Pakistan Army, Navy and Air Force continue carrying out relief and rescue operations in flood-affected areas of the country. Pakistan Navy’s four flood relief centres and 18 central collection points have collected and distributed over 1805 tonnes of food, 6553 tents, and 7,35,263 litres of mineral water among flood-affected people.

According to the National Flood Relief Coordination Centre (NFRCC) at least 25,973 people have taken refuge in 22 Navy camps. At least 15,568 people have been rescued by 23 emergency response teams of the Pakistan Navy, the NFRCC told. The Emergency Response teams of the Pakistan Navy have 54 motorized boats, and 2 hover crafts, while two helicopters are assigned to rescue people in Sindh.

The NFRCC told that a total of 479 people have been rescued via 70 flights of the Navy helicopter while 5333 ration bags were also distributed using it. Pakistan Navy also established 86 medical camps which have treated over 1,08,990 patients so far, the NFRCC told. While, Pakistan Air Force’s C-130, MI-17, and AW-139 planes took 262 flights while Air Force helicopters took 1521 flights.

Pakistan Airforce distributed 6583 tents and over 5,70,341 food packets. Teams distributed 3353.26 tonnes of food and 287,183-litre mineral water. Pakistan Air Force established 46 medical camps, treating over 72,228 patients. While 19,807 people have taken refuge in 20 campsites established by the Pakistan Airforce.

Army Aviation helicopters have taken 625 flights for flood-relief operations rescuing 4,659 stranded people, the National Flood Response Coordination Center (NFRCC) said. 1807.02 tonnes of food was supplied to flood-affected people, the NFRCC said. A total of 147 relief camps, over 300 medical camps, and 172 relief collection points have been established across the country, NRFCC said. Over 6,19,808 people have been treated in the medical camps so far, and patients are being provided 5-day medicine, it added.


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