Armed convoy moves into Tripoli to shore up interim PM


A convoy of fighters moved into Tripoli from the Libyan city of Misrata on Sunday to shore up the interim prime minister amid a push by the parlia-ment to oust him in favour of its own candidate.

Interim Prime Minister Abdulhamid al-Dbeibah has sworn he will hand over power only after an election and has rejected the move by parliament this week to appoint former interior minister Fathi Bashagha to head a new government.

The convoy’s arrival underscored the danger of renewed fighting in Libya as the crisis plays out, following mobilisations in recent weeks by armed factions backing different political sides.

Saturday’s convoy, comprising more than 100 vehicles according to a witness, arrived after Dbei-bah earlier on Saturday accused the parliament of being “responsible for all this bloodshed and chaos” in Libya over recent years.

The parliament speaker, Aguila Saleh, has ac-cused Dbeibah of corruption and of seeking to use his position for his own ends rather than to effect a meaningful transition.—Reuters

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