ARL Energy Week celebrations conclude


As a responsible corporate entity, Attock Refinery Limited is cognizant that natural energy resources are not only scarce but also very precious and need to be optimally utilized. In this realm, Energy Week was celebrated at ARL from October 17-21, 2022 to reaffirm its commitment and inculcate energy management and conservation culture. This celebration is being organized in-line with World Energy Day (22nd October).

The purpose of this celebration was to educate, motivate and enhance energy consciousness of employees for strengthening their commitment towards energy conservation at workplace. Energy awareness sessions were arranged throughout the organization to ensure maximum participation of all the employees including the shop floor level workers for creating awareness about energy management & conservation.

ARL believes in a systematic and structural approach for the effective operation and management of significant energy users. In order to monitor & optimize the energy consumption, ARL is following the guidelines of ISO 50001 (Energy Management System) since 2012.

ARL management goal is to protect environment & naturally existing resources through increasing the awareness on energy efficiency.

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