Arando’s people still living in Stone Age

Gul Hamaad Farooqi

Union Council Arundu situated on Pak Afghan border areas where 25000 people living still in Stone Age. There is no communication, health, education, potable drinking water or other facility in this backward and neglected area.

Hundred of people of Arando held a public meeting for their rights, which was presided over by Abdul Majeed Nazim Village Council Arundu this meeting was attended by all leaders of political and religious parties without any political affiliation , whose one point agenda was to do justice with the people of Arundu and also to develop them.

Arando consists on five village councils. People of seven tribes live here but residents of this neglected area are still forced to live like the stone age period. This valley was sometimes bombed by the Russian sarmy during Afghanistan war and sometimes by the American forces. Speakers on the occasion said that Russian warships plans also bombed and shelling on this town in which many people were martyred and many houses were destroyed.

The people of the valley have played the role of a front line force and front to save Chitral. The speakers said that the construction of Arundu road had started some years ago but it was left incomplete and still 32 km of the road is earthen. The speakers said that there is only one river between Afghanistan and Pakistan and on both sides of the river people of the same community, tribe live in both countries.