Arab coalition destroys Houthi air defense system


The Arab coalition destroyed a hostile Houthi air defense system on the Marib front on Sunday.

All components of the system were destroyed and its foreign operatives were killed, Al-Ekhbariya reported.

The coalition added that it continues to support the advance of Yemen’s army and tribes in Marib and to protect civilians.

On Saturday, Arab coalition airstrikes halted a tank and infantry offensive in Marib by the Iran-backed militia.

The coalition said it launched the air strikes to “thwart the Houthi militia’s attempt to advance toward Marib in Al-Kasrah,” northwest of Marib city.

It said it had destroyed Houthi military equipment, including tanks, and had inflicted “heavy losses.”

Meanwhile, a senior official at the Iran-backed Houthi militia confirmed Sunday the death of Zakaria Al-Shami, the fourth Houthi leader on the Arab Coalition’s wanted list.

The coalition has previously announced a $20 million reward to any one providing information leading to Al-Shami’s arrest or location.

He was the fourth Houthi member on the “A list” that includes 40 names of leaders and elements responsible for planning, implementing and supporting Houthi terrorist activities. The cause and date of his death remain unclear.—Agencies

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