Arab coalition carries out air-strikes on locations in Yemeni capital


Operational objectives of air-strikes on locations in Yemen’s capital had been achieved, the Arab coalition said early Satur-day.

Recently, the coalition has been striking Houthi militia assets in the city in an effort to degrade the Iran-backed group’s capabili-ties to launch attacks toward Saudi Arabia.

The coalition said they had hit drone workshops and weapons depots in the Dhahan neighbor-hood and warned civilians from crowding around the targeted ar-eas.

On Friday, the coalition release satellite images of the aftermath of airstrikes on Houthi camps in the presidential palace.

“We have taken preventative measures to spare civilians and civilian objects from collateral damage,” the statement carried by the Saudi Press Agency said.

“The operation was conducted in accordance with international humanitarian law and its custom-ary rules.”

The Arab coalition said on Mon-day that the Houthi militia in Yemen have turned Sanaa airport into a military base for experi-ments and cross-border attacks.

Video footage released by the coalition showed the Iran-backed Houthis carrying out training ex-ercises on UN planes, with the intent of testing a missile air sys-tem, Saudi state TV reported.

Last week, coalition airstrikes took out a secret hideout in Sanaa housing experts belonging to the Iran Revolutionary Guard and Hezbollah.

Saudi Arabia is targeted by the militia nearly daily using explo-sive drones, which are often eas-ily destroyed by the Kingdom’s air defenses.

The Saudi-led Arab coalition has been fighting to restore legiti-macy to Yemen’s internationally recognized government, after Houthis seized the capital, Sanaa, in 2014.
Houthi attempts to target civil-ians has been labeled as war crimes by the Kingdom.

The war, which has now lasted for seven years, has cost thou-sands of Yemenis their lives and has forced many more to depend on humanitarian assistance.—Agencies

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